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The proposal for a CLT is as a result of an opportunity for community-led housing schemes to come forward following a grant being given to Great Yarmouth Borough Council by DCLG (the Department for Communities and Local Government) to stimulate local community interest in supporting local affordable housing for themselves. The Steering Group is focussed on delivery of an affordable housing project at this time but recognises that other projects or schemes may be taken on in future. The villages would like to work together on schemes which would benefit all of the residents in the 3 parishes irrespective of in which parish the development is situated. There is a Statement of Intent to Work Together document currently circulating to which each Parish would

Our Mission

We aim to create new communities within excisting ones, allowing the families within an area to stay within the area, at reasonable rent tariffs. 


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The Villages covered by the LCLT are Belton, Browston, Burgh Castle, Fritton and St Olaves

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Adrian Myers

I first became involved with the idea of a CLT whilst I was a sitting borough councillor. The concept appealed to me because I readily recognised it as a way of providing local needs led housing, at council house rent rates, in the villages. This means that young people growing up in their villages do not have to move away from their family and community…

Chairman & Trustees


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True social Housing

Social housing to the core, developing house in the local villages around Great Yarmouth, so that families can keep within the area they grew up in and can afford to live in.

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Energy Efficient

Built to be as energy efficient as possible, every home has  LED lighting, and Underfloor heating.
what does this mean?
Your home will be light at night, warm in the winter –  at a fraction of the cost

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High Quality

All Materials Used in the construction of our home are from high quality resources, and professional erected by trusted and experienced Builders, within the local Area.

Why CLT!

During the Scoping day an exercise was undertaken to identify the main drivers amongst those present for delivery of an affordable housing scheme through a CLT. Participants were given the opportunity to identify any drivers or motivating factors in developing a CLT for the delivery of affordable housing. The following document shows the findings:

Need for Affordable Housing

Control / Ownership of the asset

Spatial Planning


▪ We need this type of housing in the villages
▪ We don’t want to lose our next generation
▪ More affordable homes needed in the village for young people, better eco build – lower running costs, sustainable
▪ To provide young people with a way to stay
▪ Retirement homes for older people looking to downsize (warden controlled?)
▪ Provide a community hub of services e.g. dentist, medical services, library, retail, parking
▪ Make housing expandable for growing families
▪ Long term control and management of local housing need [is an advantage offered by a CLT]
▪ Feeling of local ownership
▪ Control over local allocation of affordable housing
▪ A representative group to control provision and management of homes
▪ A CLT can influence design/mix of housing provided
▪ Generate an income for CLT
▪ There may be other needs that can be met by a CLT in Lothingland
▪ A need to show growth to ensure services continue
▪ We would like to be innovative e.g. eco-design
▪ Design in sympathy with local vernacular
▪ Exploring Land opportunities in the villages

The strongest driver for developing a CLT is to meet local housing need with the opportunity to control and plan through a CLT is seen as a distinct advantage in developing and meeting local housing needs. Allocation of the affordable housing to local people is a key driver of the trust.

Adrian Myers Chair