Chairman & Trustees

Adrian Myers

Chair of Lothingland CLT

I first became involved with the idea of a CLT whilst I was a sitting borough councillor. The
concept appealed to me because I readily recognised it as a way of providing local needs led
housing, at council house rent rates, in the villages. This means that young people growing up in
their villages do not have to move away from their family and community simply to find
affordable housing. This in my view helps to maintain the local community and builds village
resilience and a close network of family support.
A CLT can determine it’s own rules of governance in deciding what properties are built, to what
standard and to whom they may be allocated. CLT properties are not subject to the “right to buy
legislation” that council built properties are. This means that they will be available to rent, for the
residents of the villages, in perpetuity.
The CLT is not limited to property building, it can also run businesses and purchase green
spaces. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are members of the National
CLT Network.
We are first and foremost a community focused organisation representing the needs of the five
villages in Lothingland. We will have access to central government funds that have been set
aside specifically for CLTs.
I am looking forward with great excitement, to laying the first foundations of our properties that
will be a legacy for generations to come, for the people of Lothingland.

Adrian Myers Chair LCLT

Chairman & Trustees

Name: Andy Grant
Title: Vice Chair

Name:Magaret Greenacre
Title: Trustee

Chairman & Trustees
Chairman & Trustees

Name: Bob Grimmer
Title: Trustee

Name: Mick Graystone
Title: Trustee

Chairman & Trustees
Chairman & Trustees

Name: Anne Scott
Title: Secretary and Trustee

Name: Ian McCreadie Title Trustee
Chairman & Trustees
Chairman & Trustees

Name: Nigel Light
Title: Trustee