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LCLT Update

LCLT Update
I am delighted to be able to report that East Norfolk Sixth Form College has agreed to take part in the competition set by the trust, to design its Logo. They will present 10 designs of which the trust will choose one and award £25.00  to the winner and £50.00 to the college. We are now fully incoras a financial entity with the FCA. We have also joined the NCLTN (The National Community Land Trust Network) at a discounted fee of £65.00.
The website  in the process of being developed and will be ready by the end of November. Over two months starting in early December, a public consultation will take place in the 5 villages to seek the views of the residents in identifying what properties they would like to see developed in those villages with regards to meeting the housing needs of villagers.
The public will be able to put their views forward by completing a form which will be accessible via the three parish councils websites, a page in the Village Voice and the trusts website. This is a vital piece of work for the trust as it will aid the trustees in formulating the critearas for occupancy of the properties that we will develope. It is therefore immensely important that we get as many responses to the consultation as possible, giving us the widest views available. The consultation will run until the end of January. We will advertise this consultation in a future issue of the advertiser as a feature story. The next meeting of the trust will take place on the 5th of December at 7pm at Burgh Castle village hall. Members of the public who would like to become members of the trust (for a one pound one off joining fee) are most welcome to attend.
Becoming a memeber gives you a vote on the decisions made by the trust and input into the direction and future of the trust. The one pound fee also protects you as a member, by limiting any financial responsibility to, one pound.
Adrian Myers Chair LCLT

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